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A much-needed weekend getaway of exploring the spaces and places of your heart and mind that need healing, strengthened and transformed.

This weekend is designed to:

Restore peace.  Enlighten what’s dark.  Strengthen what’s weak. Reclaim what’s been stolen.  Mend what’s been broken.  Bind what’s been bruised. Heal what’s sick.  Revive love that’s died.  Become all that God’s intended you to be. 

To serve you best and give you 1:1 attention, this retreat is designed for a small group of women. Don’t wait to claim your place, sunshine. Looking forward to exploring with you.


P.S. More than three sisters interested in attending? Contact me by replying to this email for a special rate. 

Mother’s Day Offer! Buy ONE, get ONE! Expires 11:59p.m. May 9, 2016.
We’re ready to Create a Pure Heart!