My love language is gift giving.
I like to be thoughtful, creative, and crafty when showering loved ones with treats and treasures, but sometimes I miss the mark. While I try to think of the other person’s likes and interests, I often gravitate toward gifts that
 I like, which are often fitness or health related gifts. 

So if that sounds like you, or you are trying to support a loved one’s intentions or New Year’s resolutions, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind: 

1. Make sure they really want the gift. A Zumba box set might be perfect for your indoor workouts this winter, but Zumba is not for everyone. Pick up on hints or subtleties your gift recipient mentions in passing and tuck those ideas away to surprise them this time of year. 

2. Relate the gifts to health, not specifically weight loss. For example, if buying a food scale, be sure your recipient knows that this is to practice mindfulness of portion size, not to monitor every ounce he/she is putting into his/her mouth.

3. Write a nice note with genuine sentiments to accompany the gift. This will help explain why you are giving the gift and how you think it could be best used.

Hope these tips help you share the gift of health this holiday season, sunshine.

Happy gift-giving,