A lighthouse is a guide to sailors to help them find their way in the night or during a dense fog.
Perhaps you may have wandered or gotten off course on your journey, sunshine.
You have the essential tools and equipment to navigate your way, but the darkness may feel overwhelming or be confusing.
You’ve likely, “Been there, done that” and have likely had success. But with more information at your fingertips and at a different place in life (emotionally, physically and even hormonally) you might not be as successful as you once were.
-Which diet plan is “the right one” for me? -Should I be doing more strength or cardio? -How many calories should I really be eating a day? -Should I follow the 80/20 rule? -Is it healthy to do the 3:1 fast?
Information overload.  You wonder, “This will be another failure, so why should I even begin?”
You have the answers inside of you, sunshine. There’s nobody who knows you better than you and no-one has traveled your journey; my role as a coach is to shine the light so you can make your way through the fog and get back on course.
If you are in the fog and ready to be guided, give me a call. I would love to support and empower you with tools and resources so you can successfully find your way again.
With a beacon of light and love, Frannie
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