I can’t eat that.
I am not allowed to have that on my diet.
I’m eliminating carbs.
I don’t eat processed sugars.

Not allowed.

All of these statements give power to the source rather than empowering you with choices to choose your health over the momentary pleasures of a sweet treat or salty snack.

It’s proven.
When you bring a behavior to mind and associate a negative expression of scarcity or deprivation (can’t, won’t, don’t not, etc..) you are actually reinforcing that item, activity, or behavior (most likely it’s what you want to replace). This is not good if you are trying to make healthier choices,sunshine, because it often backfires and leads to overindulging, binging and backsliding.

Let’s be real.
You can eat anything you want, however you may not get a desirable outcome, especially if consumed in excess.

So if you’re looking to make some healthy changes in your life, sunshine, replace the negative can’ts with positive cans and see how that shifts your gears.

Here are a few positive revisions to the above statements:

  • I am eating three more fruits and vegetables every day.
  • I’m having as many servings of vegetables as I’d like today.
  • I choose whole, raw sources of energy. 
  • I’m adding more natural foods to my daily eating. 

Have a few of your own, sunshine?
I’d love to hear from you.
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With a week full of canned love,