You may have heard the expression, “Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym.”

Well, I actually disagree.

Whether you commit to a gym membership, personal trainer, intermittent fasting, Keto or any other “clean-and-lean” program, the very first place you actually begin “getting healthy” is in your mind.

Actually, your mind is the central command station for all things.

Whether you decide to:

⚡ look for a new job or career
⚡get out of debt
⚡end that toxic relationship
⚡start a business
⚡commit to your health

Every one of these life-changing decisions starts with a thought:

🌟 This doesn’t job doesn’t challenge me.
🌟 I can and will be a lender not a borrower!
🌟 I deserve better.
🌟 My passions and gifts are elsewhere!
🌟 I want to live life to the FULL!

I’ve experienced each of these circumstances and thought every one of these thoughts, and I can tell you this: nothing, that’s NO THING, will change until you make a decision that what is on the other side is better than where you are right now.

I pray this blesses you and is just the nudge you need to take a step in the direction of God’s best for you!

P.S. In a podcast, I shared about living a life of desire–one that aligns with God’s desires, not just mine! I invite you to listen and see if there are any necessary shifts you might consider to align your desires with God’s!