If you were given the opportunity to speak to 10,000, 1,000 or even 100 people in your target audience, you’d jump at the chance, right? Of course you would! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Somewhere in the 1,000,000+ podcasts and the 16,000,000+ “avid podcast listeners” in the US are new audience members waiting to find you! 

That’s what happened with one of my clients. 

In just 4 months, I booked him on nearly 40 podcasts, and he organically…

➡️Grew his Facebook following 3000% (not exaggerating!)

➡️Increased over 1K connections on Linked In

➡️Drove traffic to his website 530%

➡️Added to his email list by 280%

➡️Sold 1000s of copies of his book

Oh, and then guess what? I now have podcast producers reaching out to me to book him for podcasts and other speaking engagements! (Note: many of these are paid opportunities!) 💰 

So if you’re wanting to: 

➕Grow your audience on all social platforms

➕Add subscribers to your email list

➕Increase your visibility and become the “go-to-expert” in your industry

➕Sell out your latest program, course, or product 

But you don’t have:

✍🏽A clue how to write a pitch to showcase YOU as the leading authority and expert in your field

⏰Time to research podcasts with your target audience (let alone find the producer’s contact information) 

🗂Success in getting your pitch from the producer’s “deleted” folder to their “read” folder

💪🏽Confidence that you or your program are exactly what someone needs

🔗Tightly-woven-network of personal contacts to reach out to

Then we need to chat. 

Let’s hop on a call, so I can learn ALL about you—your mentors, your programs, your favorite podcasts, your mission, your vision, your values, and more! 

Then I go to work and become your personal podcast manager. 

🔎 I continue learning about you, studying your brand inside out, forward and backward, so I can personalize pitches with your authentic personal brand voice. 

🚪 I leverage relationships with my network of six-and-seven-figure-entrepreneurs of popular shows to get you in the door so your pitches never go unread or end up in spam again. 

📣 I become your personal promoter! You know all of those awesome things you do but don’t want to share because it seems like you’re bragging!? I do that for you!

✔️I provide you with ALL of the information you need so you can be completely hands-off, spending nearly zero EFFORT or TIME pitching or preparing for your podcast. (Yep, I send you all necessary invites, links, and questions so you can just magically show up and be fabulously-wonderfully-full-of-wisdom-and-expertise-you on your interview!)

🔊 And once you’ve been a podcast guest, we can continue to work together to amplify and further leverage your podcast appearances for weeks and months to come! After all, podcasts live forever, right?!

So, are you ready?

📲Book a free connection call using the link below so we can get you booked on your first (or next!) podcast with little to no effort from you! Your target 🎯 audience is waiting and ready to hear from you! 

P.S. As you know, many LIVE conferences and events were cancelled this spring. But guess what? During the same time, MORE podcasts have popped up on iTunes and overall downloads have increased. Podcasts are here to stay—let’s get YOU booked! 🗓