I don’t know about you, sunshine, but my phone seems to die quickly. I start the day fully charged—100% powered and ready to talk, text, post, tweet, browse and search and of course, get mindlessly distracted by the myriad of messages designed to steal my attention. All of these applications drain my power—technologically, yes, my phone life dwindles, but more so my mental capacity to stay focused, my emotional state to remain engaged, and my spiritual connectedness to be in constant and continual communication with God are all zapped of their power as the day goes on.

I believe this is a powerful metaphor for life.

Each day I start the day in prayer and set my mind—I get laser-focused on God and ask to be available to be used by Him, then throughout the day, I open up different “apps” and my power slowly fades.

The apps may be people, my own negative thoughts, or situations that are out of my control, (or at least they all feel that way) but they all steal my joy and drain my power, sometimes excusing me to be snarky, impatient and unkind.

The more applications I open, the more my power is drained.

But the best part is, I get to choose to open them or not.
That’s where I am empowered. I get to choose to remain focused and to abide in Him (John 15), or I can choose to get distracted.

I can choose the extra piece of birthday cake, or I can leave the kitchen and engage in conversation with a fellow partygoer.

I can choose to compare myself to my high school friend’s success, or I can celebrate her new McMansion that she posted on FaceBook.

I can choose to go to bed at 9:30 so I can get up earlier to honor God with the first fruits of my day, or I can watch another episode of my favorite NetFlix series.

In all of these instances, I have a choice.
And so do you, sunshine.

As you go about a new week, I encourage you to pay attention to the apps that you open and engage with throughout the day. My prayer is that you choose to stay plugged in to The Ultimate Power Source, for that is where you will claim your power, too.

With high-voltage love, sunshine,