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It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t see the numbers on the scale reflecting your tiresome calorie counting or your “No, thank you,” response to the waiter as he flirts the dessert tray right before your eyes. Or even worse, your clothes don’t fit any better today and you’re still sucking wind after walking up a flight of stairs despite the hours spent on the elliptical rather than at happy hour. Weight loss may feel impossible. It may leave you dreaming of: Buying boots off the shelf, not having to ask the clerk for the extra wide calf version. Wearing a swimming suit to the beach without a cover up. Revealing your actual weight on your driver’s license. Breathing seamlessly the entire 2-hour flight without the armrest cutting off your circulation.

These were all once my dreams. At nearly 300 lbs. and at the prime age of 21, I felt like a failure; I had tried everything, or so I thought, and I am sure you have, too. But once I finally I turned my life over to Him, all things became possible. I lost 110lbs. (never to be found again) and became, among other things, a certified fitness instructor, learning invaluable lessons along the way. I’ve found my purpose–no, His purpose for my life–and have made it my mission to empower others by teaching them my hard-won shortcuts to success.



In this free resource, you will learn 21 tips–including a few spiritual practices–to create healthy habits to jump start your fitness and weight loss goals as you become physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger and healthier in 2016 and beyond! Click to download your own copy of 21 Tips to Jump Start Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals NOW!