Shine for Women

It is not by accident you arrived here today.

A still small voice inside of you is seeking, wondering, questioning. You are looking for ways to break the cycle of negative self-talk, the roller coaster of yo-yo dieting, and shame that you “failed” another diet or relationship.

I have been where you are—feeling rejected. Defeated. Unfulfilled. Even angry— angry that another new year of goals disappeared when I turned the page to February.

Are we speaking the same language?

Read on, sister—this is only the beginning—of our connection and your transformation.

I’ve walked the mile in your moccasins, and I am here to walk with on your journey. An unforgettable-live-on-purpose-kind-of-life.

For those dear soon-to-be-friends seeking transformation:
My name is Frannie Foltz, and I am an empowerment coach. I do this work because I know exactly how it feels to wish myself prettier, yo-yo diet myself thinner, self-help myself happier, and green juice myself healthier. But all of the wishing, dieting, reading, and juicing were never enough.

I still craved more.

Since those days,  I have made a choice—well, actually several. I chose to listen to the still, small (but growing) voice that affirms that I am enough. I am worthy. I am valuable. I am loved.

My highest hope in working with you is that you, too, will realize you are amazing, brilliant, talented, powerful, and oh-so-worthy of love. Then, anything is possible.

For nearly three decades, I hated myself—the way I looked. The way I acted. The way I dressed. I didn’t respect or love myself.

Over time and with work, I learned that my feelings of inferiority stemmed from suppressing childhood experiences of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. My personal coping mechanism was found in eating. Food never disappointed, rejected, or hurt me—or so I thought. Finally, I came to terms with the fact that I was an abuser. I wanted to fill a void—drown the pain—get me through my next emotional rollercoaster, so I abused food (and my mind and body) in the process. This behavior lead me to weigh in at 294lbs., not counting the additional weight of guilt, shame, and condemnation I carried.

Today I know that I am worthy of more. I have made changes and TRANSFORMED my life—starting from the inside and expanding into the world—manifesting goodness, positivity, and good health. I want to help you do the same.

While your trigger might not be weight, I can venture that there is something holding you back. Whether food, exercise, an unhealthy desire to be “the best,” or one of so many others, this addiction manifests itself in your life, causing you to doubt—to feel “less than.” It is keeping you from claiming your power and sharing your personal best with the world. Until now.

This work is not easy to do alone.

This is my life’s purpose—to help you transform your life—to not become anything, rather to unbecome what the world has feared, rejected, or abandoned you to believe.

It is time to be the woman God created you to be.

This is an inside out job, and I am 100% committed to guide, love, support, and encourage you every step of the way.

It is no coincidence that you arrived on this page and chose to spend the time reading this letter—this is written just for you.

Are you ready to begin the transformation of healing into wholeness—mind, body, and spirit?

The time is now. Let’s begin this journey together. The first step is all you need to set the ball in motion. Make the connection with me by doing one of the following:

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If you choose not to take action today, I still want you to know you are amazing and loved beyond measure—you have the power to do anything your heart desires! I pray that you discover your light and step forth to share it with the world. Thanks so much for visiting.

With light and love,