Shine for Girls


Hello, Sunshine!

My name is Frannie Foltz, and I am an empowerment coach. What is an empowerment coach, you ask? It is just a fancy term for “helping-you-discover-all-of-the-ways-you-are-awesome-so-you-can-be-UNSTOPPABLE”!


My mission is to pour an abundance of love, hope, and inspiration into you, as the media and world around you sends you 17,000+ messages a day attempting to tell you otherwise.

I am so passionate about my work because for years I was insecure. I was trapped by fear—afraid of what people thought of me—this was most visible in my body. I tipped the scales my 9th grade year at 210 lbs., then 294 lbs. my senior year of college. To avoid people from judging my super-sized frame, I charmed them with my larger-than-life personality and dashing sense of humor, which you will note, I still have both. (Perhaps I need to work on humility?)

Even though I had lots of friends and was well liked, I still felt awful inside—I was my own worst hater. I didn’t feel that I was worthy, or valued, or that I mattered—worse yet, I didn’t know that I was worthy, or valued, or that I mattered.


WOW! Check out that hair…and cold sore! This is me in 7th grade. Not the best era of Frannie Foltz, not because of the fashion trends, but because of what was going on inside of me. I felt unworthy of love and looked for it in all of the wrong places.

So that is why I am here–to help you discover that you are worthy of love so you can be healthy, strong and confident. I am committed to helping YOU.

While my obstacle was my weight, you may have your own challenge—something that keeps you playing small. How can I help you claim your power and shine your light?

Here are a few ways to get going:

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· Have your parent/guardian contact me to see if we’d be a good fit for an empowerment coaching partnership.

· Or simply share my site with a friend who might be in need.

If you choose not to take action today, I still want you to know you are amazing and loved beyond measure—you have the power to do anything your heart desires! My wish is that you discover your light and step forth to share it with the world.

Thanks so much for visiting.

With light and love,