So a new year is upon us and many are devising plans and strategies for a healthier 2016. 

While we have more than enough information at our fingertips–literally–we often don’t have the energy to sift and sort through it all. As a result, we sometimes resort to crowd sourcing which gives our friends (or random lookers on our platforms) permission to offer their thoughts, suggestions, or experiences via social media.

Instead of sending out an affidavit, I thought I’d share a few of my fave fitness routines, tips, and tricks in an effort to help you jump start January–the month notoriously known for fitness and health goals.

Here are some of my workout essentials that might help spark some interest or inspiration: 

What’s in my gym bag: my fully charged iPod touch–filled with over 11 days of music; a towel to use a barrier between me and the sweaty guy who just lifted on the bench before me; and an extra pair of black socks–there is nothing worse than forgetting socks (blisters, athlete’s foot, and who knows what else…)

My go-to fitness equipment: A resistance band! They are lightweight, very portable (read–they pack well in a suitcase or overnight bag), can be used for EVERY body part and add major intensity–when used correctly, of course

My pre and post workout nutrition  Quest bars and EAS carb Advantage shakes. While I could be a corporate affiliate for how much I promote these tasty macro-rich treats, these truly are some of the greatest grab-and-go snacks around. 

I’d love to hear if any of these help with your new year goals or if you have your own fitspiration tips to share with me–I’m all ears, sunshine.

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With loads of fit-inspired love for 2016 and beyond,