Your first kiss.
Your first car.
Your first time on an airplane.
Your first house.
Your first child.First experiences are memorable,  however we often go through the motions of each day mindlessly transitioning from one obligation or routine to the next, often forgetting what we did just hours before.

In preparation for Christmas, I want to be more mindful of choices that I make.

You know…
No last-minute random, obligatory gift-giving (or even worse–regifting because I didn’t plan ahead).
One less “taste test” of cookie dough.
Letting the person with one item go before me in the checkout line even though I’m late and rushing to a holiday party.
Up too late scrapbooking for my littles so I miss my early morning workout.

I want to slow down and make good choices–God choices–that will be significant and meaningful, not mindless or careless. The Lord only knows that I’ve had too many days regretting choices I made (or didn’t) because I’ve been possessed by the I-can’t-resist-the-cookie-trays-at-family-gatherings or the hangry-impatient-shopper versions of Frannie.

I truly want to make this a December to Remember–one filled with healthy choices where I let the true meaning of Christmas drive my decisions: spirit, mind, and body, and in that order.

And I invite you to join me, sunshine.

Let’s devote time–the first fruits of our days–putting God in first place with A December to Remember. 

This three-week program incorporates scripture with helpful health and weight management tools to set and keep you focused during the holiday season.

We’ll meet 2 days/week on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00a.m. EST for a brief 5 minute jump start to your day.

If you are interested in putting God in first place this holiday season and want to make healthier choices, too, message me by Friday, December 1, and I’ll add you to the December to Remember email group. We begin Monday, December 4 and end Thursday, December 21.

Muscle Motivation meets LIVE today at 4:30p.m. EST on Shine with Frannie’s Facebook page. Commit to logging on for the 30-minute sweat session later.
See you then, sunshine!