Turn Clicks into Clients


When I first started doing FB LIVES,  I would often speak to an audience of one–myself in the camera. #weallhavetostartsomewhere

Week after week, I would go live without floating hearts or thumbs up because guess what? No one was tuning in.

Seriously no one, not even my besties because I didn’t announce it or direct them to the right place to find me. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

But then I learned how to set up Lives, engage with my audience, and use the already recorded content long after the live feed ended. (I seriously could use one 10-minute live video for weeks!)

And guess what happened?
I started getting: 

  • plenty of consistent viewers 
  • multiple shares and engagements during my live feeds 
  • more followers! (*Which many have turned into clients!)

If you want “more” from your Facebook Live game (more viewers, more engagements, more followers and more clients), check out this step-by-step FB Live video system.

Rather than spending hours searching through YoutTube only to end up with pages of notes and no clear strategy for how to grow your FB audience (and client database), learn how to get more of what you want using Facebook Live videos. 

You will learn:

  • Engagement tips and tricks
  • Amplification strategies
  • How to transcribe your live feeds 
  • How to use one video across several social media channels for days and maybe even weeks
  • And MORE!

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Once you learn these basics, you can masterfully amplify future Facebook Live videos to maximize your presence online and minimize the amount of work to constantly create new content!

Rather than exhausting yourself reading articles and
and pecking your way through YouTube tutorials,
this 9-part video series walks you through:

  • Why you should use FB Live
  • How to go live from your laptop/desktop or phone
  • How to engage with your audience DURING the live broadcast
  • How to amplify your FB Live through back-end editing
  • How to transcribe your FB Live and reuse the written copy!
  • How to share a Zoom screen on your FB Live
  • How to repurpose and upload your FB Live on to your YouTube channel
  • How to amplify your FB Live (yep, we are still talking about the SAME VIDEO!) across ALL of your other social channels with special apps and programs
  • How the power of that ONE FB Live still lives on!

ALL of these videos are packaged and ready for you!

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