Around this time of year, I enjoy baking and sharing my creations with others. I learned long ago though, that I was the one enjoying more of my home-baked goodies and sabotaging my eating plans by packing 100s of extra calories from “a bite of this, a taste of that.”
So in the spirit of efficiency and weight management, holiday hack #9 encourages you to have “company” while you bake.During your baking time, set up your iPad up and either FaceTime or Skype with friends and loved ones.  I do this year round; it gives me a little “accountability” check because others are “watching” me. (And during the holidays it feels more personal to me than a Christmas card–well, that might be an excuse since I don’t send cards!? 🙂 ) Also, I am too busy chatting away to put anything in my mouth–etiquette. Ya’ know, sunshine?

Try it this holiday season and let me know how it goes. Or share any other tips that you use to stave extra calories when cooking and baking.

With screens of FaceTime love,