We spend most of our lives trying to be as efficient as possible.

C’mon, sunshine;¬†admit it, you’ve tried to maximize your time and have carried on a phone call or two from a bathroom stall?

Today’s hack will help you add more steps to your day and will give you time to stop and smell the gingerbread cookies.

Holiday Hack #5: Take time to do things a little more slowly and inefficiently. Yep, you read that right–INefficiently.

Take two or three trips from the car to bring in the groceries. Park in the farthest space from the office door. Make two trips to the end of the drive: one for the paper in the morning, one for the mail in the afternoon. You choose your act of inefficiency, but whatever you do, be sure to use those extra moments to lift up sentiments of gratitude, sunshine.

To inefficiency and your health,