“When I lose this weight, I will…”
“When I get my tax refund, I will…”
“When I have a husband, I will…”

So often I dismiss the right now and project onto the “when I…”

In order for long-lasting transformation, the journey must be enjoyable.

It’s not right to punish yourself with starvation or elimination diets that are unrealistic to maintain or rigorous exercises that seem more like POW torture strategies with the hope of achieving a body that will make you happy.

Instead, find exercises you enjoy doing. (and friends to do them with!)
Eat foods that God intended,  in moderation, of course. (Carbs are not the enemy!)

And practice an attitude of gratitude.
In order to have the body you love, you must begin appreciating the body you already have. 

I don’t know about you, sunshine, but some of the things I say to and about myself I’d never say to a friend or even an enemy for that matter.

Instead of looking at your thighs in disgust, think about the places you’ve visited, the finish lines you’ve crossed, or the babies you’ve bounced on those gams.

sunshine, make a decision to love yourself--a most YOU-nique gift God gave to this world–while you are pursuing your goal, not just when you get there.

I may not be where I want to be, but I will not be where I once was
at the end of this Advent season!
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