What do you see?

Did you know that you can only see 70% of your body without using a mirror?

Yep. You can’t see your eyes, ears, neck, or how about the back of that funky-looking-messy-bun you fashioned up in the back!!?

Do you tend to see 70% or 30% as body-beautiful?

Do you loathe and hate or celebrate and appreciate your precious and Holy Temple, Lee?

It’s time to see, love, and accept yourself 100% the way that God sees you! 

You are beloved, cherished, appointed, beautiful and so much more! I pray this over you, dear one.

You are a wonderfully, divinely designed vessel of love and light.

Shine your light brightly as you enter this new week!


 P.S. If you are struggling to love and see yourself the way God sees you, I invite you to listen at the most recent Shine with Frannie episode. Click below or wherever you listen to podcasts for some faith-based tools to help you love yourself beginning today.