For years, I used to try to out-exercise my binge eating habits.

I would devour tons of junk food over the weekend, then every Monday morning after my self-inflicted-weigh-in-of-shame, I would feel so disappointed, frustrated, and disgusted. How could I possibly have gained 5 lbs. in TWO days?

I would then commit to going “all-in”–I would obsess over clean eating and would even aim for two-a-day workouts to attempt to make up for the weekend free-for-all!

What frustrated me even more was this cycle continued week after week, month after month, sadly–year after year.

weekend binge➡️eat clean➡️extreme exercise➡️ weekend binge

I swear I lost and gained the same 10lbs. for decades of my life. 

Now, I am not gonna lie. I still struggle when it comes to a little extra indulging, but it’s not exclusive to every weekend–it’s usually at events like this weekend where I celebrated my mom’s 75th (picture from last night above) and big brother’s birthday. (Hello, corner piece of cake with 1″ thick buttercream frosting!) 

But there are a number of differences to my responses now–
   I don’t hop on the scale on Monday morning.
   I don’t berate myself as a failure.
   I don’t speak words like, “You will NEVER break this cycle.”
   I don’t double-time it at the gym all week long.

Instead, I commemorate the memories, honor the reasons for the celebrations, and I show myself grace and love and start again–healthy and whole–that’s who I am! (And that’s who Y O U are!)  

If this spoke to you, dear one, I invite you to a free LIVE webinar–So Long Self-Sabotage, Hello, Breakthrough!–on Monday, March 21@7:30PM EST. Comment to this message, and I will send the Zoom link.

Speaking of breakthrough, I was so honored to have my dear friend, s
Katie Hedrick, on the Shine with Frannie Show last week! 
Katie shared powerful takeaways from many of the hard life lessons she’s learned. 

Tune in to episode #118 to hear:

  • 4 biblical Truths that were the catalyst to her breakthrough process
  • the 3-part-process of forgiveness
  • Which scriptures were foundational to her personal breakthrough story
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