This past weekend I went walking with a friend on Saturday morning. The sun was ablaze, and we soaked up every ray of the Florida sunshine on our 4-mile-power-walk. (My apologies to our friends in less than sunny places this time of year–I don’t mean to brag.)

Within the hour, I became a shade or two darker and even have a few tan lines that when exposed, reveal my original shade of Frannie. 

It’s amazing, sunshine.
Even as few as 10 minutes exposed to the sun, we can see and often feel (ouch–sunburn!) its effects. 
Freckles dot our skin. 
Raccoon eyes reveal what our Ray Ban’s conceal.
Our varied skin shades keep Crayola creatively conjuring new flesh tones.

It’s powerful.
And I love it.
And it leads me to wonder: if people can see a noticeable difference within an hour of spending time in the sun, can they tell when I spend an hour with The Son? 

My highest hope and prayer is that peace, love, and joy are reflections of time spent with Our Father.

And that is my prayer for you, sunshine.

No matter if you live in the Sunshine State or the Show Me State, I pray that you prioritize time everyday to spend time with Our Father so that you can be forever changed and made more into the likeness of Jesus. 

I can venture to guess that even as few as 10 minutes spent in His presence, you will experience a remarkable change.
And I bet people will notice. 

Try it.  “So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and
reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—
makes us more and more like him as we are changed
into his glorious image.”

2 Corin 3:18 NLT
P.S. Last week I did a FB Live about some of the practices that I employed in January and February. I received more queries specifically about fasting.
I am going to do another session tonight addressing the power and purpose of fasting from a biblical and physiological perspective.
Log on to Shine with Frannie’s FB page tonight at 8pm EST.
And no worries if you can’t make it live–it will be archived on the page
so you can hop on when it works for you!