Recently I had a chat with a dear friend who is blessed to snowbird in California. Originally she landed in the San Diego area as a result of a long, painstaking three-year-infertility journey and now is blessed to return and escape the Cleveland winter (and now spring) temperatures and snow. It is nothing short of miraculous that she now returns to California with her little miracle in her arms. (Seriously–her story is miraculous, but that’s a whole other post.) Her bundle of joy and God’s provision is as precious as could be. (Photographic evidence above.)

We were chatting about our respective weekend plans.
I was lamenting that I didn’t have much going on and how I wished that God would provide me “the one” to spend the weekend hours with. She, too, shared that she didn’t have much going on. Her husband was traveling and as a newbie to the CA scene, she doesn’t feel connected yet, so she was avoiding the playground so as to not feel isolated and alone among the throngs of moms socializing on the sidelines as their little ones frolicked on the jungle gym apparatus. (Isn’t it crazy that we can feel alone in a crowd?)

And that’s when it hit me.
We must shift our perspective to our desire and that is where we will find what we’re looking for.

“The one?”

Most likely it’s right there.

If we are too busy looking for what we don’t have, we will miss what we do. 

Today I encourage you to seek what you are looking for.
I am confident that with open eyes (and an open mind!), you will find it.

With love,