I don’t want to speak on your behalf, sunshine, but even before Thanksgiving, I found myself making decisions that I would typically make over the holidays.

You know–indulging in comfort foods that can be covered with something comfy like an oversized sweater!? Or rolling over and hitting snooze because the air outside of the covers was much cooler than my comfy and cozy bed? (Yes, even here in Florida this is a thing!) And skipping an after-work workout because my to-do list was too long? Yeah, I am sure I have a few “Amens!” reading right now.

Well, if you follow me on social media, you may have seen over the weekend, a mention of a new challenge for the month of December.
Well, it’s here, sunshine.

I am inviting you to join me for 25 days (or since today is December 3, it would actually be 23 days) of some type of health committment that you can do 25 of every day until December 25! 

You may commit to 25 squats, 25 pushups, 25 minutes of walking, 25 seconds of holding a plank. Mine is a doozy–25 flights of stairs every day!

Whatever it is, pick something that will enjoy (yes, you can enjoy exercise!) and can commit to until December 25.

That means no excuses, sunshine…like you can’t say, “I am traveling to visit my folks, so I couldn’t do the plank challenge.” That’s rubbish.
Or, “It was too snowy or cold!” Go walk in your basement or do Leslie Sansone’s walking videos from the comfort of your own living room (you can find these on Youtube).

And in typical FF fashion, I invite you to use this as a time of prayer, reflection, or meditation.
Find a scripture to memorize.
Pray over a certain person you will be seeing over the holidays that tries your patience.
Thank God.
Listen to your favorite worship song or Christmas music.
Whatever you choose, find a way to connect with God during this Advent season.

Are you in, sunshine?
If so, tell me what you are committing to–I will be cheering you on during my 25 flights!