In a recent journaling exercise, I reflected upon the 10 worst things that have happened in my life to date. (Note: I said these things happened in my life, rather than to me–we are not victims of our circumstances.) 

While these are not everyday topics of conversation, by sharing these life events in a space of openness and vulnerability, I am exposing shame and creating a space of deeper connection and more authentic love.
Here are a few of my life events I thought I’d share a few with you, sunshine:

  1. Enduring physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as a child.
  2. Having my house taken in a tornado in 1985. 
  3. Being involved in toxic, unhealthy relationships with men who were committed in other relationships. 
  4. Breaking off 1.5 engagements (the 2nd ring never made it to my finger).
  5. Losing my beloved grandmother and best friend, Carolina, in 2007. 
  6. Getting fired from a job.
Right now you might be wondering: 
    What are the other four life events?
How could she do “that”?
I wonder who those relationships were with? 

Instead, I encourage you to: 
  1. Wonder: What were Frannie’s 10 BEST happenings? For the answer to that question, please see the list above, as the life events that can be considered my most tragic moments are also the moments of greatest awareness, growth, and opportunity. Each of these happened for me and not to me. And also, as a believer, I know that all things work together for good for those who are in Him (Rom 8:28). And, boy-oh-boy–has He been able to help others heal their pain because of where I’ve been?! (Note: I have no guilt, shame, or condemnation for my wrongdoings (Rom 8:1); I’ve laid my wrongdoings and shortcomings unto God–He is the Ultimate Judge.) 
  2. Next, write your own list, sunshine, and see what lessons you can discern, turning your adversities into opportunities to help others and live on purpose. 
Share with me your greatest adversity turned opportunity. I’d love to celebrate with you.
Email. Post. Tweet. With opportunity,