This past weekend I spent a great amount of time in the sun. I am a shade or two darker and even have a few tan lines (which I try to avoid at all costs) that when exposed, reveal my original shade of Frannie.
It’s amazing. Even as few as 10 minutes exposed to the sun, we can see and often feel (ouch–sunburn!) its effects.
Freckles dot our skin.
Raccoon eyes reveal what our Oakley’s conceal.
Our varied skin shades keep Crayola creatively conjuring new flesh tones.
It’s powerful. And I love it.
And it leads me to wonder: how do you transform when you spend time with The Son?
I can venture to guess that even as few as 10 minutes spent in His presence, you will experience a remarkable change. And I bet people will notice.
Try it.  Let me know how you’re changed.  Email. Post. Tweet.
With tan line-less love,