Be the one you needed when you were younger

Confessions of a mean girl

2nd grade I may look sweet and innocent on school picture day, but that was part of the show. Off camera, I was the class bully. I masked emotions of fear, anger, sadness, and bad hair. With joking aside, I didn’t have the tools I needed to healthfully manage my emotions.
Mean Girl: Sally Jesse Raphael Wannabe Phase  My bully phase continued–and I was obviously able to bully my mother. She went along with my ploy to buy me horizontal stripes (not good for my 150+ 5th grade frame) and buy 2 FOR 1 Sally Jesse Raphael glasses–yep, I had the same pair in yellow.
Nice Girl Phase I transfered schools in 7th grade and realized that the mean girl thing was just not working. I still had many skeletons and transferred my outward behaviors inward. I hated myself and ate to placate my feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, and shame.

This is why I started Shine with Frannie. I want to help girls find healthy ways to deal with their problems and insecurities. I want to help them recognize their strengths and love themselves so that they do not fall trap to bullying and hurting others. We only hurt ourselves in the end. I know.

Celebrate International Day of the Girl with me this weekend. Or call me to help that special girl in your life strengthen her strengths and share her shine with the world!