My heart is so full.
Full of love and compassion, yes.
But right now it is also full of anger, sadness, and a flurry of other curiosities.

Why did a gunman spray a concert in Las Vegas with machine gun fire?
Why has Janine spent nearly $250,000 over the last decade trying to have a baby?
Why is Catherine still experiencing struggle with her 25+ year eating disorder?
Why is Kate still involved in an 8-year open affair?
Why is Carrie the one to endure ALS?

The list of prayer requests in my daily prayer journal are numerous.
But I am not allowing the enemy to steal my joy.

Instead of throwing my arms up in exasperation and defeat, I am turning to The One who knows every single answer to my self-righteous “Whys?” and even better yet, I am resting assured that He will use each of these things for good–somewhere and sometime; it’s not for me to determine or judge, rather just to trust and believe. 

I typically send my blogs on Thursdays, but tomorrow I am planning on fasting for these requests above (and many others) and I wanted to rally you along side of me, for we know in the Bible we are called to fast (Matt 6:17-18), and we are called to join together as The Body of The Church. (1 Corin 12:27). And we also know there is tremendous power in joining together in prayer–like shake-heaven-kind-of-power! (Matt 18:20)

sunshine, you likely have numerous prayer requests of your own, so let’s stop the enemy in his tracks and spend the day fasting (it does not have to be food, nor the entire day) and lift up our many requests throughout the day–replacing our mealtime, social media check-ins, or any other vice that is special to us with scripture, prayer, and intimate connection with God who hears our every prayer and plea. 

Please let me know if you are choosing to join tomorrow and also if you have any special prayer requests that I can add to my list.

Looking forward to this special day of connection with Our Father.

With love,

“‘Even now,’ declares the LORD, ‘return to me with all your heart,
with fasting and weeping and mourning.’”
Joel 2:12