A study was conducted to monitor stress and its effects.
Researchers separated two monkeys and used a variety of stimuli to observe their behavior and biological effects of the stress hormone, cortisol. Flashing lights, electric shocks, and splashes of cold water were a few of the triggers that caused intense stress, resulting in high cortisol levels.
In an attempt to see what might alleviate stress, researchers made one simple shift: they put the monkeys in the same cage.
With the same set of stimuli, each of the monkeys’ cortisol levels decreased by 50%. Crazy powerful.
So the lesson: be somebody’s monkey.
We know that we are not called to live life alone, rather, we are called to live a life of love–this can only be done completely and fully in relationship with one another. (Gen 2:18) In communion with one another, we bear one another’s burden and reflect God’s love, gentleness, and kindness. 
This is no monkey business.
The next time you are feeling a little stressed, sunshine, don’t let the enemy steal your joy or peace. Instead, claim your calm. First, take your worry to God; He has promised to take your burdens upon Himself. (1 Peter 5:7). Then connect with someone who loves you–not because they are called to, but because you are amazing, and they want to. And maybe bring a banana–meals are always better when shared with a friend.
Have a go-to scripture or another tool you turn to in your time of stress or worry? Let me hear it. Email. Tweet. Post.
And if you’re needing a little stress management and don’t know where to begin, I’m here to help. Drop me a line so you can reclaim your calm and live with joy and peace, just as Our Father intended.
With stress-free love,