choice and priorityI read this above quote in a recent Facebook post and have shared it with many clients over the last few days. It is a manifesto of what I remind them of daily–your thoughts are the central command station for your life. 

In the unconscious sequence of creating our lifestyles, all things begin in the mind. Thoughts become words which lead to beliefs. These beliefs manifest into actions which lead to the creation of routine patterns in the form of habits. In turn, these mindless habits ultimately become a lifestyle.

So often, the women I work with profess self-limiting thoughts and behaviors which have gotten them stuck and perhaps in an unhealthy pattern of living.

All too often when beginning their journey to improved health, I hear any combination of the following:
   I have no time.
I just don’t have the willpower.
I have never been skinny.
I know I shouldn’t be eating this, but I want it.
I’m afraid this won’t work, and I will fail again.
I don’t have the money.  

Do you have any of these beliefs, sunshine?

Don’t. Never. Shouldn’t. Won’t. All these negative words automatically set your mind up for failure, or at least to feel like you’ve failed. But the good thing is that you have the power to retrain your brain! Yes, research proves that you can actually change your brain’s DNA within 4 days. 
Now if that isn’t empowerment?!

The last belief, “I don’t have any money”  is always the one that makes me press in a little deeper, because there is always a hidden money story in each of us.

Data reveals that our “money stories” are set by the time we are 8 years old. Can you believe it? If you heard the adults in your life fight over money, if you had “enough” (or at least felt like it), if you experienced splurging, if you were taught only to save…all of these influence our spending (or saving) habits as adults.

We know that people value what they pay for and this is unique for every individual.  So whether that’s a trip to Disney World, a brand new car, or even something as simple as a new pair of leather boots, people will put invest in the things that they appreciate and find value. I challenge you to reflect upon the things you value and invest in, sunshine.

This leads me to question; when people choose not to invest in their health, I wonder what could possibly trump that card? Have we have come to take for granted and expect our health as a God-given right?

While genetics play an important role, there are many variables that one can choose related to their health.

Diet. Exercise. Smoking. Drinking. Wearing a seatbelt. Using sunscreen.
All choices.

How do you invest in your health, sunshine, and more importantly, why?

Whether it’s a package to the new barre studio in town, buying healthier, more nutritious foods, a gym membership, or investing in a weight loss program, your investment is ultimately a means to an end–to help you live longer, feel better, and do more good in your 80+ years (God-willing) on this earth. The yield is like no other, and you are worth the investment, sunshine.

I can honestly say that while my friends may call me frugal Frannie, and I am prayerful and thoughtful about my spending habits, I can with 100% with confidence attest to any and every time that I have invested in myself–personally, professionally, relationally–I have yielded a great return on the investment. In fact, there is no price tag that could ever be stamped upon the experiences I’ve enjoyed after losing my 100+lbs., investing in my business or education, or even being (and breaking) an engagement to be married. So much learning, love, and enjoyment have come from investments of time, energy, and resources.

Wake boarding, zip lining, snow skiing, traveling, buying clothes from “regular” stores, my Masters degree, coaching certifications–these are the tangible reward of the intangibles.

And each started with a thought: I am worthy, deserving, and valuable.
And so are you, sunshine.

If you are ready to invest in your health and change your brain’s DNA from a spiritual space of healing and support, book a call with me to see if we are a good fit.

I look forward to connecting with you, sunshine.