Over the last year, I’ve lost numerous followers through my email list.

I used to freak out whenever a status email would appear in my inbox alerting me of  any “unsubscribed” users.

During one of my tearful frenzies, my dear friend Laura consoled me and suggested that I opt out of the alerts. Thankfully for her, I am no longer on suicide watch.

If you are reading this today, you know I have not been running Shine full-time over the last several months.

During this hiatus, I’ve had time to slow down the pace and reflect.

When praying about my “followers” and what I believe to be my busnistry–business-minsitry–the Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus had lots of followers, but He also had 12 disciples, 3 that were His inner circle and one whom He loved. (Five references in John’s gospel.)

And guess what else I was reminded, sunshine?
He lost lots of followers, too.
Just look at the crucifixion–who was there?

This humbled me.

Now, hear me out, sunshine.

By no means am I comparing myself to Jesus, but I do know that each day I strive to be cruciformed–made more in His image through brokenness and vulnerability–so I see the losses of my followers as gains. These unsubscribes are opportunities for me to turn to Him and affirm my worth in Him and seek approval from Him and only Him.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I lose followers.
But now, through God’s grace and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the number is insignificant.

What matters is the impact I make with those He places in my path.

Whether it’s 10,000 or just 1, I am choosing to celebrate The One and how He’s come after “the one” lost sheep time and time again.

And this is my highest hope and prayer for you, sunshine. Celebrate what He’s done, is doing, and has yet to do in your life and how He is always eager to come after you, too!