A doctor once told me, “Everything in moderation, even moderation.”
This was mind-boggling to me.I’d always been an “all-in” kind of girl, especially when it came to my sweets. I could pound an entire birthday cake–buttercream frosting and all–at one sitting.

So that no one would see or judge me, I binged late at night in the dark. The late night binges lead me to tip the scales at nearly 300lbs. my senior year in college.

But then I learned that I was eating as a defense–a way to mask unresolved issues.

And I learned this was not God’s plan for me.

I began to change my thinking–and a transformation occurred from the inside-out.

As my faith grew, my thoughts changed, my body transformed.

I lost over 100+lbs. and have maintained it for nearly two decades. I still practice these strategies and have helped others on their journey, too.

I can now eat a piece–a single piece–of cake, guilt-free!

And I want to help you, sunshine.

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