While I’ve heard the miracle of Jesus healing the blind beggar by spitting on his eyes 1,000s of times, until I read this quote it never registered why Jesus led him from the village. (The part of him spitting on his eyes is another mystery…)
You cannot heal in the same environment you got sick.
If you read my blogs, sunshine, you most likely know since relocating to Florida last summer, much has happened. I’ve shared my journey with you openly with the hope of helping someone else along the way.

Spiritual awakenings.
Mindset shifts.
Soul healing.
And now I can add curing blindness to the list of transformations.

God physically removed me from some sinful patterns, destructive behaviors and toxic relationships so that He could heal me, for I couldn’t get well in the same place that got me sick. 

What about you, sunshine?
Do you need to be removed from the environment that you got you sick?

Your “safe” relationship?
Your “easy” job?
Your coveted “nest egg” (AKA your swelling savings account)?
Your “comfortable” home?

Perhaps God wants to open your eyes, sunshine?
Perhaps He wants to cure your blindness?

Maybe it’s time He led you by the hand; are you ready to see?
Are you willing to take His hand?

Be healed, dear one.

“Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village,
and spat upon his eyes, and laid his hands over them.
Can you see anything now?’ Jesus asked him.”
Mark 8:23