Correspondences with you.
Conversations with loved ones.
Sermons, podcasts, blogs.
Connections with people in my daily interactions.
Bible study.
Wonderings during my coaching sessions.

All have inspired and lead me to create the Be My Vision retreat (which as you know is taking place here in Florida November 2-3, 2018.)
I’m super excited as many of you have signed up already–it’s going to be transformational, sunshine.

And now it’s time to get laser-focused and get as much feedback as possible to serve you best.

I need your help.

Can you send a quick reply to this email with your top three goals you are working toward (or want to work toward) as you finish 2018 and look ahead into 2019?

Your feedback will be most helpful in crafting components of our retreat weekend.

Thanks for your time, dear one.

All of my best for a great weekend!

P.S. It’s okay if you don’t have three goals–just send me one you want to achieve by year’s end. Any and all information I collect will be helpful.


Oh, and P.P.S. Did you know that the retreat will be LIVE STREAMED!?!
If you’re unable to make it to Florida Nov 2-3,
you can still join us and watch it from the comfort of home.
Check it out on the Shine with Frannie website.