Which of these best describes you?

  • I experience brain fog or lack of concentration.
  • I struggle with digestive issues–too much or not at all.
  • I have trouble sleeping or am always fatigued.
  • I am bloated and have increased belly fat. (look like I’m pregnant!)
  • I have crazy food cravings.
  • I struggle to lose weight.

If any of these statements above resonated with you, firstly, you are not alone; secondly there is a solution! 

I seldom share products, but I am expectant of some great results with a new Plexus product that just launched. (Plexus is a natural supplement I use.)

We know that God made you YOUniquely and wonderfully, however because of a number of factors, our bodies don’t always operate the way God originally intended. But good news–our bodies can be reset to our original divine-design-setting!

That’s what the Plexus Reset does! It is a 3-day nutritionally supported fast full of protein, nutrients, plant extracts, prebiotics, electrolytes, and enzymes. 

🌱 When you fast, you activate something pretty magical: Autophagy. This is the body’s way of clearing out damaged cells to make new healthier ones.

🌱 Taking a break from eating is a GOOD thing. It gives the body time to redirect its focus from digestion to repairing itself.

🌱 Your diet is likely built by habit. This program literally “RESETS” your appetite and cravings.

✔️ NOTE: this is not a weight loss fast, however you will likely lose weight and inches during these 3 days. But if weight loss isn’t your goal, don’t worry—you don’t have to lose weight for these three days of fasting to be beneficial! This is truly a fast on a cellular level to help you optimize your overall health! 

If you are interested in joining, we begin July 5.

Coment below with “RESET”, and I share all the details to get started!

P.S. The cost of this program is $149/kit, but if you participate with a loved one, you can get 2 kits for $199! And there’s FREE shipping before 6/30, so LMK ASAP if you are in for a reset!