Your brain is your body’s hardware. It directs and controls your body’s daily voluntary and involuntary functions. (Let’s all take a second to thank God we don’t have to remember to breathe every few seconds.)
Your mind, on the other hand, is your body’s software. It creates thoughts that signal your brain to move, react, and feel. (This even includes feelings such as joy and stress.)
Your brain cannot think a thought on its own. It receives thoughts from your mind and responds accordingly.  That’s powerful, right?
So what is something that’s been on your mind for a while, sunshine?
Worried about a wayward child? Pending layoffs at work?
Stressed about strained family relationships? How you’ll pay your next mortgage payment?
Ashamed of not finishing your degree? The abortion from your teens?
Afraid you will never be enough–thin enough, smart enough, successful enough, or any other “enough”?
Feeling guilty that you didn’t maintain your goal weight after you invested all of that time and money into a trainer? 

Worry. Stress. Shame. Fear. Guilt.  These are not things of Our Father, rather strongholds of the enemy. A stronghold is simply an incorrect thinking pattern–one manipulated and twisted from The Truth.
Perhaps it’s time for you to upgrade your software and break the stronghold that has kept you tethered for too long.
It’s time to set yourself free, sunshine.
Download the latest version and update your thinking with positive, Bible-based-Truths to know who you are and that even with all of your imperfections, you are perfect and more than enough.
With upgraded love,

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