I’ve been in Florida for a little over a month now, and as typical this time of year, there are many mentions of the importance of preparing for the upcoming hurricane season.

Bottles of water.
Non-perishable food items.
A first aid kit.
Walmart actually provides lists to ensure your emergency kit is ready to go–just in case.

How often are we unprepared for life’s “natural disasters” because we’ve failed to prepare or secure necessary provisions in order to “survive the storm”, sunshine?

In a recent blog I read by one of the pastors I follow, Levi Lesko, he wrote something that stuck with me:
Trials reveal foundations.

While this is common-sensical, and I’ve heard it spoken numerous times in 100s of different ways, reading this recently had a deeper impact on me.

Perhaps it’s because I have been shaken to my core recently.

Spiritually speaking, I’ve been battered, bruised and cracked at my foundation. But by God’s grace, I’m still standing.

For years, I’ve cultivated a relationship with God.
Early morning devotions.
Scripture memorization.
Prayer partners.
Getting plugged into community groups.
And much more.

But let me be honest.

I am not a saint–far, far from it.
There are numerous cracks in my foundation.
I’ve allowed many of these faith-based practices to be swept away in the storm.

Fear, bitterness, shame, and resentment are but a few of the emotions that overwhelmed my faith that I once wore as a badge of honor. (Read: self-righteousness and judgement.)

But, sunshine.
The worst part of the storm has passed, and I’m still standing–cracks and all.

And now it is time to repair and restore.

What about you, sunshine?

Are you prepared for hurricane season?
What items do you have in your emergency kit that will help you when the winds blow and the water comes ashore?

Perhaps it’s time to get ready.  Like right now.
It’s time to strengthen your foundation starting today. 

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We begin Tuesday, September 5 and would love to include you, sunshine.