Step into 2022 with
boldness & bravery!

Today we celebrate episode #100, 10K downloads, and listeners in 43 countries! THANK YOU for your support!

Here is the deal: I stepped out in faith to launch the Shine with Frannie Show podcast, having NO CLUE what on earth I was doing. (And I often still don’t.) But I know it can be scary to do new things. We want all of the conditions to be perfect to start. Lemme tell ya–that will NEVER be the case.

So, dear one, I have a feeling that there has been a time when you wanted to try something new but you held back–you wanted to be fully equipped and ready before you set off into the deep.

So today, I want to share some tips (backed by scripture) that may help you step out in faith and “be brave enough to be bad at something new!” -Jon Acuff

Before you listen, ask the Holy Spirit, “What new thing–or old thing that has gone dormant–are you stirring to do in me?”

Grab your notebook and get ready to take jot these ideas down so you can jump start January with the new and exciting thing that God is ready and waiting to do in and through you! 

P.S. Ready to tackle some of these bold ideas? You will need an action plan! Join us on Saturday, January 8 @10AM EST for a vision setting session. Email me for the zoom link! 

P.S. I am hosting a free vision setting workshop on
Saturday, January 8 @10AM EST.  
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