God has designed every organism so wonderfully and uniquely.

Like, did you know that there are over 10,000 species of butterflies?
10,000 of ONE kind of insect.

And in His divine craftsmanship, God made each creature with specialized mechanisms for procreation and survival, too.

For example, when a turtle feels threatened, he contracts inside of his armor shell and protects his extremities, because Lord only knows he’s not running away from his predator.

And then you have the pufferfish.

When he feels threatened, he expands his body which makes him inedible to his predators. And some species even have spiky spines with dangerous poisons that could kill a human. YIKES!

I use these two examples because at the Fear Less conference a few weeks ago, we dove head first into the topic of fear and how to manage this abstract force that has the potential to wreak havoc on our lives–just look at our current situation; fear is rampant.

We know that fear is inevitable, but choosing to live controlled by our fears is a choice. When faced with fear, we get to choose our response. We can either turtle or pufferfish. (Yes, I just used my poetic license to use these nouns as verbs.) 

We can either shrink back and get freaked out by uncertainty and play small and worry about tomorrow. Or we can inflate, expanding our minds and utilizing our resources and live in hopeful expectation for tomorrow and even next year!

I pray that you will choose the latter.

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