Last call to sign up for BUY ONE GET ONE for Create in Me a Pure Heart! 
We know that our minds and hearts work in tandem. Throughout the weekend, you (and those special ladies in your life!) will learn tools to replace self-defeating and limiting thoughts and beliefs with new, positive, strong power thoughts aligned by God’s Word. Your heart will be renewed, strengthened, and restored as result of what you think, and you’ll unbecome all that world has made you and become everything God intended you to be!
It’s time to create a pure heart…(Ps. 51). Looking forward to exploring with you, sunshine!
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P.S. To serve the attendees best and provide 1:1 attention, space is limited!  Offer ends tonight at 11:59p.m.

Let’s do it! Create in me a pure heart!


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Create in Me a Pure Heart  Cleveland, OH June 2-4, 2016