Public Speaking

One of my mentors, Danielle LaPorte,  shared,

When you tell your secrets, they lose their power over you.”

How empowering is that!?!

Over the years I’ve realized that when I share my “dirty little secrets” (often including the embarrassing pictures and confessions from my all-you-can-eat-binges at Ponderosa), people realize that they are not alone.
We connect.
We bond.

Whether confessing my shameful moments of being the 3rd grade class bully or admitting to unearthing a 1/2 eaten cake from the garbage after everyone’s left the party–people relate

They get me–maybe they’ve walked a mile in my shoes or perhaps they’ve just tried them on–either way–they get it.

I weave timely trends and topics with sound research-based tools and humorous personal life stories to challenge audiences to think differently, feel more deeply, and live most authentically.

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