Hello! I'm Frannie

I’m so glad you are here.

I help entrepreneurs build their brands and grow their businesses.

If you…

  • Don’t have time for emails, blogs, social media posts, etc..
  • Want to become an expert in your industry but are too busy checking “to do” items off your checklist
  • Are burning the candle at both ends
  • Have stopped in the middle of a project because you’ve been so frustrated and abandoned it for good
  • Wondered how to scale your business and automate your products…

I want to help you. 

Here’s how:

  • Create emails, newsletters, blogs, or social media posts to engage your audience and build your brand
  • Manage and supervise projects from beginning to end
  • Design programs and campaigns that put your business on autopilot
  • Create a marketing calendar and accompanying materials to reach new audiences on online platforms

You might ask, “Why Frannie?” 

Well, buckle up, let me tell you… 

Most recently, I was a project manager for a dynamic 8-figure business. 

I organized special projects such as podcasts, media interviews, speaking engagements and video shoots.

Also, I coordinated the many moving pieces of events held at really cool venues like the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen and helped plan a one-of-a-kind conference sponsored by Healthline (the largest health media agency in the world). And guess what? Because I am a relationship person, I followed up from that event; this led to a second opportunity to work with them in the San Fran bay area just a few months later. 

I had the privilege of working with amazing national non-profits, industry game changers, and macro and micro influencers, too. (Can you say Lewis Howes!?) 

As for day-to-day-tasks, I managed calendars, calls, and appointments aplenty and kept up with the fast-paced, ever-changing demands of a multi-million dollar company. It was an extremely multi-faceted position, and I learned a ton. And had so much fun while doing it!

But here’s the thing–I was let go in early 2020. It was not me, I promise. The company was restructuring, keeping only experienced players in this particular industry. 

So it was, “So long, Frannie!” (And sadly, many others…) You can read all about this in my book–check it out here.

But YOU get to reap the fruits of my hard-earned labor! 

And to be honest, that was just the kick-in-the-pants that I needed to determine, “How can I help others with the things I enjoy (and am good at!) doing?” 

You see, I’ve always been a helper. 

My first career was in education.

I was a Language Arts teacher where I honed my personal writing craft as a result of teaching my darling 5th graders at an all-girls’ school on the near east side of Cleveland, Ohio. It was an awesome job for so many reasons, but my annual income wasn’t doing it for me; I was ready to get to the next level. 

I then became an administrator. 

As Director of Admissions, I got my feet wet in print and digital marketing and fundraising and learned how to ask the right questions and tailor my conversations to appeal to different audiences. (Can you say, “Marketing!”?) I was a mix of a sales rep+marketing director+brand ambassador–before that was even a thing. It was perfect for me in so many ways, but I had ants in my pants to get to yet another level (I had hit the glass ceiling as far as income at an independent school), I up and quit my well-paying job in July of 2014 and started my very own LLC: Shine with Frannie. 

Over the next few years, I enrolled in nearly $50K worth of courses, workshops, and programs and attended week-long retreats to learn the nuances of social media marketing so I could help girls and women become healthier, stronger, and more confident using God’s Word but on a larger scale–the worldwide web!

I realized that while my personal breakthrough of losing 120+lbs was a way to help others, it was really my ministry. I call it my “busnsitry,” but truth be told, even though I made a profit (I had several 4-figure months of sales!), it never felt like I was in my zone of genius. It was my personal lifestyle, and that felt itchy to package and sell. 

But now as God would have it in His divine timing, I’m fully equipped with a myriad of tools and skills and ready to serve you!

Shine has a new image with new services to help others. Pivoting from my passion of fitness, I am packaging all of my entrepreneurial skills and insights to serve others in even bigger ways! 

Here’s what it comes down to really…

I’m a

I’m an 
action taker

I’m an

I’m a

I’m a

I’m a

So if you are an entrepreneur and ready to take it up a notch, let’s go! 
As the African proverb says:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

And just in case you need a more formal list of some of my credentials and experiences, here is a list of education, certifications, courses, trainings and programs I’ve invested and participated:

  • BA Elementary & Early Childhood Education, Mercyhurst College
  • M.Ed Reading Specialist, John Carroll University
  • Walloon Writing Institute
  • Wilson Reading Certification
  • AFAA certification in Group Fitness, Zumba, Aqua, and Adolescent Health
  • Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coaching Certification
  • Positive Education Program training with Appreciative Inquiry expert, David Cooperrider
  • Joyce Meyer Love Life Women’s Conferences (13 and counting!)
  • Empower Live: Columbus, Minnesota and Atlanta
  • Mastin Kipp’s Wealthy Healer retreat
  • Emily Williams’ I Heart My LIfe Course
  • Russ Ruffino’s Clients on Demand marketing course
  • Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy
  • Next Level with Chris Lee
  • Next Level Advanced with Chris Lee
  • Dani Johnson Live
  • Mindshare Summit
  • Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness
  • Pitch, Please with Susie Moore and Farnoosh Torabi
  • Unfair Advantage LIVE! with Super Connector Media
  • Business Made Simple University with Donald Miller
  • Pedro Adao’s 31 Day Wisdom Challenge
  • Jennifer Allwood’s Creator’s Roadmap
  • Jennifer Allwood’s Inner Circle 
  • Equipped Conference for Faith-Based Female Entrepreneurs
  • Too many books, TED Talks, sermons and podcasts to list!

And just to keep this a little light-hearted, here are a few fun things about me: 

  • I have a crush on Michael Strahan.
  • I am obsessed with podcasts. Joyce Meyer, Amy Porterfield, and Jennifer Allwood are my current go-tos.
  • I have been to every U.S. state except Alaska.
  • I will have a talk show one day.

Are you ready to go further?