If you know me personally or have been following me for a while, you know that I love to workout. But there is one thing that you might not know about my fitness fetish–there’s one thing that I hate: removing a sweat-soaked sports bra. (For any male readers, please accept my apology in advance; you have my permission to stop reading now.)

Removing a wet sports bra is more challenging than changing triplets’ diapers with two broken wrists.

But thank God for athletic gear engineers!
Some amazing women have rallied and created some modernized inventions to make this task a snap. (No pun intended.)

The bra-snap-back and the zip-front-closure are by far my faves (I didn’t want to go full-frontal on you in this pic above, sunshine.) The bra I’m sporting gives the perfect amount of support with a select-your-size-around-your-ribs (I can still breathe during my workouts–now that’s a bonus) and then the quick-zip-frontal-release saves me from visiting the ER for a dislocated shoulder.

These bras have changed my life.
No, seriously, sunshine.
Don’t laugh.
I’m being for real.
My girls are tucked in and taken care of.

I have slowly phased out my old-school-sports-bras and invested in these super-strong-supporters. These babies are a pretty penny, I tell ya.

But here’s what you should know, sunshine–this blog is not about investing in a good sports bra. While I do believe the zip front can change your life, too, I want you to know how important having a strong support system is. That will change your life fo’ sho’.

When my grandmother passed away, casseroles and fruit trays appeared.
When I decided to move 1000s miles from home, packers packed and parties were planned.
When I broke down in shame confessing my affair, I was reminded that this did not define me.
When I worried how I’d pay my mortgage, a check was anonymously delivered in the mail.
When I freak out because I am not married at 43, (present tense) she calms me and reminds me that God is preparing him for my awesomeness.

Unlike a good sports bra, there is no amount of money that could ever put a price tag on the richness and love of my sisters. I’m blessed to have a such a strong support system and my highest hope and prayer is that you have a similar tribe of ladies that have your back no matter what, sunshine.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Share how your sisters have had your back and how you’ve reciprocated their love. And if you’ve been betrayed, let’s pray about that, sunshine.