Have you ever questioned God, “What on earth are You doing?”

When we encounter times in life where we just don’t get–
why the adversity, why the struggle, why the ____ you fill in the blank.

I want to remind you that Papa prunes to provide a plentiful harvest.

“He cares for the branches connected to me
by lifting and propping up the fruitless branches
and pruning every fruitful branch to yield a greater harvest.”
John 15:2 TPT

If you feel like you’re currently “breaking”, focus on the bigger picture–God is breaking the “dead” things and habits (or people) so He can bring you closer to your destiny. 

And here’s a coaching reframe for ya, Lee.
Instead of asking Our Father, “What are You doing?” or “Why is this happening?” 

Ask: “What fruit do you desire to produce in me during this season?”

Breaking bears fruit.


P.S. It might seem like there is a gigantic wall in front of you–one that you cannot scale. In this week’s Shine with Frannie Show, I introduce the new August challenge. Whether you participate in the movement part or not, I invite you to listen and pray it blesses you as you consider the Jericho wall that you may be circling. It’s time to bring it down.