I am a goal digger, that’s goal digger, not gold digger, sunshine. 

I set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals, but I’ve learned to make them relevant to the call God has placed upon my life.

While I am a firm believer that goals are important and motivational, I’ve also learned (the hard way) that sometimes you need to fire goals.

If and when goals get in the way of me of losing who I am and what God has made me to be, then they’ve become my idol.
That’s not cool.

Years ago I was so fixated on a dress size and made a goal to buy a dress for an upcoming wedding in a size 6. Let’s be real: I will never be there if I plan to eat food the rest of my life. 

This desire consumed my every thought, food choice, decision to attend social outings, and derailed my morning devotional time, too. Instead of praying and reading my Bible, I was slaving away at the gym or on long runs in order to achieve my “Size 6 goal.” 

If you know me, sunshine, you know that my body is not God-engineered to be a size 6. Over time, and through God’s grace, I accepted this fact and now when creating new goals, I ask, “How will this help me draw closer to God and share His love with others?”

So whether you want to buy that Michael Kors bag or a Range Rover or want to look like your high school friend who posts pics in her bikini on Facebook, keep your focus on getting those things only if you desire them less than you desire honoring God. 

And while you are working on your goal, be at peace.
That’s our ultimate goal.

With love,

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