I’m kind of a junkie.

I love listening to sermons, reading books and online articles, and plugging in to podcasts and other information-sharing resources to expand my knowledge and enhance my understanding of God, others, and myself.

I acquire lots of information and if you know me personally, you know that I often share it–unsolicited, of course.

So for this new year, sunshine, I thought I would take a highlight each week from one of my sources and share it with you in a Monday Mentor Message.

The mentors may be pastors, authors, TED Talk presenters or even personal friends–whatever message that seems sharable and may resonate meaning in the lives of others, I’ll be sharing with you each Monday through this email platform.

This week’s message was a New Year’s Day prayer a friend sent me from Pastor TD Jakes.

I pray that it blesses you in some way as you read it and reflect on 2017 and await His blessings for 2018!
Dear Lord, This year, You exposed me beyond my limitations,
forced me to grow beyond my stagnation, and moved me
from procrastination to a firm dedication to what is ahead!

In spite of the cold around me, I am warmed by Your presence,
kept by Your grace, empowered by Your faith in me,
and strengthened by Your patience.
I want to thank You that I have known love and tasted laughter.

As the year closes, leaves change, temperatures plummet, birds migrate south and the freeze matriculates north, I too am now prepared.
I have packed what I needed, discarded what restricted me,
and recycled what I could.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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