Last month I shared that I was bringing a guy home to meet my family for the 1st time since 2009. I was excited with hopeful anticipation that things would be going in the direction of a covenant relationship.

Last Monday, it came to an unexpected and abrupt ending.

Through God’s faithfulness, my trust in His plans and timing, and the steadfast love and support of sisters–so many of you–I am walking through the messy middle of heartbreak.

“People say God never shuts a door without opening another one.
That might be true, but they never tell you about the hallway-in-between.”

Craig Cooney

In the most recent Shine with Frannie episode, “A message from the messy middle: Biblical tools to help you heal & offer hope when you’re hurting”I hold the hand-in-the-hallway of anyone else who might be enduring a season of hurt or uncertainty. I share 3 biblical tools (and scriptures I am clinging to) to help endure the “night.” (Note: I only cry a little on the show–thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping me muster through the recording.)

Tune in to episode #135 for the details.

I pray this blesses you or someone you know.