One of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland is a steakhouse called Red.
The food is ridiculously delicious (Hello, butter and bacon!) and also very pricy.

Like many high end steakhouses, sunshine, you select a cut of meat, then add on with other menu items which are sold a la carte. Take it from me, this can add up on your bill and your calories, too.

I am not sure about you, but I often treat my faith walk like ordering at a high-end steakhouse–selecting a main course then choosing additional sides that suit my liking and personal interests and gains.

I take a main course of Jesus then add on sides:
I honor The Lord’s name.
I tithe.
I fast regularly.
I read my Bible.
I’m a part of a church and community groups.

These sides fill me up.
But what about all of the other sides that I don’t choose?

Judging others.
Not serving routinely in my community.
Remaining in an unhealthy, ungodly relationship.
Sharing truth about Biblical issues such as same sex marriage.
Letting my emotions reign.
Doubting God’s timing and best interests for me.

A la carte theology is a slippery slope, and it is an expensive cost, too.
Our reputation, not here on earth, but as it is in heaven is really at stake. (Or steak, if you are following my punny metaphor.)

God has an entire menu of items to fill us up and nourish our bodies and spirits, and the best part is, they are calorie free.

Will you continue to order from the a la carte menu, sunshine?

Dive in.
Go big.
Get full of Him.

This blog was inspired from the many responses I received from the call to fast last Thursday–thank you for all of your prayer requests and inquiries about fasting!
I will be writing a blog about the essential practice of fasting, as I am going to encourage Shine with Frannie followers to routinely practice this together.
More to come on this.