I loved hearing the too-many-to-count stories of the ways in which you blessed people last week with the Week 1 challenge! Thank you gifts for your postal carriers; donuts for the custodial and maintenance teams at work; pastries for your pastoral staff at church; toiletry collection and delivery for a local homeless shelter; buying a cart full of groceries for the person in front of you at Aldi.
And so many more! Thank you to those that shared and those who participated, but this challenge is not over…

RAKE–Random Acts of Kindness Everyday–should really be a lifestyle, not just a week-long challenge, so my prayer is that you enjoyed blessing those around you and that you are willing to find ways to weave this meaningful practice into your daily life. Big or small, no blessing goes unnoticed–perhaps here on earth, but never in heaven.

“…Stockpile treasure in heaven…It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is,
is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.'”
Matt 6:19-20 MSG

But now it’s time for week 2, sunshine. 

So you’ve heard me talk about 1% of your day being a mere 15 minutes.
Well in the spirit of all things “7” (remember that book that started this all off was called “7” by Jen Hatmaker) this week’s challenge is to devote 7 minutes a day to exercising for all 7 days!

Set a timer. Walk 31/2 minutes out of your neighborhood, then walk 31/2 back. (Seriously–some worship songs are longer than 7 minutes; find one and walk to it!, sunshine.)

Hop on the treadmill, bike, elliptical. Let the timer do the work for you.

Find a Fitsugar or Fitness Blender video of your fitness format choice on Youtube. Do it from the comfort of your own home. Or you can log in every morning (yep, even Saturday and Sunday) and do a 7-minute workout with me on Shine with Frannie’s FB page. 

Call a friend to talk a walk or try a new fitness class at the gym.

7 minutes for 7 days.
You are worth 7 minutes, sunshine.

I promise you, sunshine–making an appointment with yourself to complete this week’s challenge will change your life–for the better!

Let no excuses, commitments or people get in the way of your goal
to win 7 for 7!

See you LIVE tomorrow morning and every weekday at 6:30a.m. on
Shine with Frannie’s FB page for a quick 7 min workout!
OH, and Saturday and Sunday, we’ll meet at 8:15a.m.