Gym managers note that February 9 is the “drop-out” date for New Year’s resolutioners.
Are you one of these, sunshine!?

If so, here are five tips that I practice in my own life to maintain my weight loss for nearly 20+ years.

  1. Rise and shine!  Not many people are vying for your time at 5:45a.m. Get up 45 (or even 30!) minutes earlier to be sure to get your workout in–no excuses.
  2. Max out: While on the treadmill or elliptical, maximize your time by responding to emails, reading (or listening to) your latest novel for book club, listen to a sermon, etc…
  3. Make a date with yourself: You wouldn’t skip an appointment with your doctor, right? Make an appointment with yourself to exercise. Schedule it in your google calendar or old-school planner, but make it a non-negotiable. Your future self will thank you.
  4. Make it count! While the number on the scale is not a direct correlation to my fitness level or general health, the quantitative measure of the number of steps I move, the total calories I eat, the glasses of water I drink, and the hours of sleep I get each night are numbers that are worth counting.
  5. Invest in yourself. Investing in your health has a great ROI–you just might not see it for another 30 years! Invest in the $15 barre class, the massage (I hit up the local masso-therapy school for only $20!) or the few extra dollars for the Panera lunch v. the Wendy’s drive thru. You’re worth way more–and your insurance premium will be way less in the long run!

And if these don’t help you stay committed to your goals, give me a call. I’d love to help you get back on track.

Only love,