What do you need to unlearn?


My dear friend Karen sent me this wonderful book last week: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse. It is filled with pearls of simple wisdom; the above image is a page that really resonated with me.

We have a number of beliefs that we’ve adopted and frankly have adapted to protect and defend our greatest fears and push us toward our innate desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Here is a small sampling of some beliefs that you may have pertaining to your health.

a. Dieting is a way of life.
b. Carbs are evil.
c. The number on the scale (or my dress) determines my health status.
d. I workout as a result of what I ate last night (or this weekend).
e. 350 calories of fries=350 calories to burn on the treadmill
f. It is impossible for me to lose weight after…babies, 50, etc…

If any of these statements above resonated with you, you may need to “unlearn” some things.

I am hosting a free one-hour “Unlearning” Workshop on Sunday, July 25 at 8PM EST. We will dive into what God says about your health and how to replace the above lies with Truth so you can live fully and freely and HEALTHFULLY!