Last week I shared the details of Shine with Frannie’s new summer program in our Facebook group, Free & Favored.


I realized not every subscriber is in our group, plus I have guy followers, too! If that’s you, #40 Strong is opened up to you, too! As you know I am on a mission to help others get stronger, healthier and more confident, so I had to share with you!


First you need to know what this is not. It is not a:

  • weight loss program
  • book club
  • bible study
  • fitness challenge


While all of those elements are included and weight loss may be a byproduct, #40strong is a total life fitness program designed to strengthen you spirit, soul, and body.


Now, you can go off and do this on your own–the entire program is mapped out below (and did I mention this is FREE??!)–but we are designed for relationship and community, so I invite you to join us. And let’s be real–accountability and community are integral to success! Plus, I will be sending you encouragement and details each week to keep you focused and on track! It will be practically mindless–you just get to show up! 🙂


  1.   Here are the details for #40strong–a free 40 day transformation program (June 1-July 10): rally three friends to join you (accountability is key; Jesus had 3 in in His inner circle; fitness is way more fun with others):
  2.   3 minutes of silence each day
  3.   memorize 1 scripture/week (I will send scripture each week for the group to memorize)
  4.   read a book over the course of the 40days
  5.   do 1 RAK/week (random act of kindness)
  6.   3 (30) minute strength workouts/week
  7.   3 (30) minute movement sessions (swiller the house, garden, walk, Zumba, whatever!)
  8.   plan one FUN outing with your crew


Are you in?

If you’re ready to get stronger–spirit, soul and body–reply to this message with your email by Sunday. I will send next week’s scripture and zoom link for our kick off call on 6/1.

Oh, and for planning purposes, save the dates: 6/1& 7/11; these are LIVE group calls to get to know others who’ll be joining us for this life-fitness movement!