A few weeks ago during our weekly challenge to improve our professional/academic self, I read an article that had mind-blowing statistics about the millennial generation and the overall general landscape of our current culture.

In summary, the present status of the US is that we are the wealthiest generation to live, with the most information accessible to us, yet we are the most depressed, medicated, in-debt generation EVER.

The article went on to talk about the use and role of social media in our current and gloomy national status.

This lead me to pray and consider how I might be impacted subliminally or even overtly. Wow! Did God have something to say about my check-it-througout-the-day-use of Facebook and Instagram! (Linked In and Twitter, not so much.)

So in an effort to finish the final week of the October challenge, where we are focusing our energy on our social health, I am going to quit.
I’m going cold turkey for one whole week.
I am going to unplug.
No social media of any kind for me.
Not even a weekly Thursday blog post.

And during this time of fasting from social media, I am going to be in full-on, armor-covered, prayer for the spiritual warfare upon broken relationships, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, debt crisis, addictions…. (Eph 5)

During this week of disconnect, I am going to be deliberate about connecting with God and with others in a more meaningful ways, and I encourage you to do the same, sunshine.

Are you in?
Simply respond to this message and let me know if you are up for the challenge and which platform(s) you are choosing to unplug.
“After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone.”
Matt 14:23

P.S. As a result of no social media, there will not be Tuesday/Thursday morning workouts this week on Shine with Frannie’s FB LIVE page. Of course, I encourage you to workout, so maybe your way of connecting may be to walk with a friend–even if she’s in another state–catch up with her that way!

Oh, and please pray for the women traveling and attending the Be My Vision retreat this weekend! Nearly 20 women will be gathering beginning Friday night to seek God in more powerful and meaningful ways as they finish 2018 and begin 2019!